Beautiful, beautiful May…

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Dr. Tilean
I absolutely love spring, it’s my favourite season.

For me, it symbolises new beginnings, a fresh start and a reminder to be open to possibilities and opportunities. In London in the UK (I’ve come to realise there are so many ‘Londons’ worldwide hehe) where I currently live, I love seeing the flowers bloom, hearing the birds sing and seeing people generally happier (even on the packed tubes and trains).

When I lived in Barbados, spring was mango season (and I loveeeeeee mangos!). It was also a time when new flowers and other fruits blossomed, and it amazed me to see that even on a beautiful island where the temperature was more or less the same all year round, there are clear seasons. Spring really does bring ultimate joy to my heart, but it also offers me a chance for self-reflection and a chance to refocus.

So much happens for me during the spring months, and I generally spend a lot of time reflecting and refocusing, as I mentioned before. You see on April 1st 1996 my grandmother passed away, she was a significant part of my life and was a great friend. I remember so clearly hearing the news of her death and wanting to crumble! It was only the night before that I spoke to her and she asked me to stay and I said “no Grandma, I’m really tired and so are you, I’ll let you rest and I’ll come and see you in the morning”. The morning came and Grandma was no longer there for me to talk to. Even as I write this, tears come to my eyes.

My grandma loved life, every minute of it and she loved making herself and other people happy (especially by making some beautiful Jamaican food). And so every April I always spend a greater proportion of my time reflecting and refocusing on my life and my heart guiding principles. 20 years later, this year on the 1st April it was my last day on a mindfulness retreat and I watched the sunrise, shed many tears and was able to let go a little more of the pain I still feel.

Every year by the time it gets to May, I always feel like I’ve been born again, and I’m ready to embrace even more new possibilities and new opportunities. I’m writing to you today to express deep gratitude that our paths have crossed. I truly believe that we all deserve happiness, and we all deserve a chance to connect to our heart guiding principles and to live a life we love, and love the life we live. If this isn’t happening for you yet have faith it will come.

Continue learning to connect with your heart and you’ll develop greater clarity on your values, your vision and the direction you need to go in next. Learn to trust your heart and don’t let the feeling of fear hold you back. Fear will always arise, but you know what I do with fear, I tell fear that I’m the driver of this journey and fear needs to keep its ass in the back seat! The closest I sometimes let fear get is in the passenger seat.

I want to wish you the very best for May. If you come across any painful experiences (either physical or emotional), try and turn to that pain like you would a loved one, with kindness and compassion. It can be so easy to be hard on ourselves, we are our own worst critics, but today you have been blessed with 31 new days ahead of you. For each of those days I trust that there will be at least one thing you can be grateful for.

Good vibes,
Dr. Tilean xoxo

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