It was like a blow to my gut!

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I woke up this morning to find out that a very good friend from college passed away. This news was like a blow to my gut on so many levels, and I have spent some time thinking about her and feeling blessed that her life touched mine.

I hadn’t seen her in about 15 years. When we finished college we went separate ways for university and lost touch, but still the news brought me right back to 15 years ago and the happiness and joy this person brought to my life.

You see college was a good laugh, for the most part. I studied Maths, Psychology and Media Studies A Levels and we were in media studies together. This was the class where my bubbly, creative and outgoing qualities could really shine. We’d make music videos, do interviews, catch nuff jokes and I loved it. In fact, if I didn’t follow the path to becoming a Chartered psychologist, next on the list was to be a TV presenter.

I remember specifically one day towards the end of college we acted out our version of the Destiny Child – I’m a Survivor video. In her memory I’d love you to watch the original version of this music video. When we acted it out, my old broken down car at the time was used as the helicopter in the video (haha). I remember having the tune on full blast and then driving forward for the girls to jump in and off we went, imagining we were driving off into the sunset. That was so much jokes.

We had survived college, that’s how we felt. We had got through and even though some of us, including me, didn’t get the grades we wanted to get into the university we wanted to go to, it didn’t matter. We studied hard, did the best that we could, survived college and we did it! New opportunities were ahead and waiting for us, so there was no point in looking back.

I felt the urgent need to write to you and say please, please, please do not waste another minute in a situation that is making you unhappy. Do not leave dreams and desires, as just dreams and desires. If you believe it is meant for you, then it is meant for you.

Sending you good vibes from my heart to yours
Dr. Tilean xoxo

PS: DO NOT let another second, minute, day, month or year go by before you decide to make your dreams happen!

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