Break free of the mental slavery…

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Growing up I was called a BOFFIN and a BOOKWORM! My mum said my first word was BOOK, my sister said that I wouldn’t engage in a conversation with her on public transport, instead I’d have my head in a book and laugh out loud with the stories I’d be engrossed in.


I loved to read because I love to imagine a life of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. One that’s limitless, where anything is possible. I still believe that today!


MAYBE THAT’S WHY I DO WHAT I DO NOW. It’s why I preach openly that life is full of infinite possibilities, that it’s only our mind that will hold us back. Maybe that’s why I studied to Doctorate level in psychology, so I could learn to master the mind! You see, many people want more and only few people will go forward with courage, grit and determination to create EXACTLY what’s called on their heart. I work to empower people to shine their light, to play big and to live out as many of their dreams as possible in this one life we have. I want as many people that have a light to shine onto others to break free of the mental slavery that’s keeping them small.


Every time you want to up-level your mind will try and keep you stuck! I ALWAYS WANT TO UP-LEVEL, so I had to learn FAST how to overcome mindset blocks that will come up time and time again! Up-levelling is sometimes tough, it might bring up some DEEP stuff, but every time you get past a mindset block and progress, it’s worth it. The mental FREEDOM is so worth it. Growing up NO ONE could ever tell me to stop, that I can’t, that it’s not possible. Sometimes I think I was born ready to ACHIEVE and SUCCEED, no matter the fight (and trust me, I’ve had some fights!), but I’ve learnt to do the mindset work required to PUSH through to where I am today and will continue to do the mindset work to ELEVATE.


If you know what’s in your heart is truly for you to go out and achieve, it doesn’t matter what others think. Don’t give a flying F, go forward with courage and jump! Then you jump again, and then you jump again and you don’t stop jumping. Follow your heart, follow what you are being called to do. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone, JUST DO IT!


Good vibes always,

Dr. Tilean xoxo

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