It’s time to launch YOUR online business and freedom-based life in a few months dedicating just 10 hours a week, using the qualifications you already have.

(Even if it’s not worked out for you so far, and even if you’ve never started your own business before)

DISCOVER is an online business building program for Health & Wellbeing Practitioners! It’s designed to empower you to get clear on a business direction that is scalable, and provides the business know-how so you have step-by-step guidance on exactly how to bring to life an online soul-based business brand that represents you!

Created by me, a Chartered Psychologist, who’s been operating in the online coaching world for over 8 years, I know, that you know…

  • You’ve got a fantastic future ahead of you; it’s just that right now you’re finding it difficult to hold on to the rope to get you there.
  • Your levels of motivation and energy are inconsistent and you find yourself procrastinating, even though you know something big is waiting for you!
  • Even though you want to build an online business and manifest what your heart truly desires, you’ve been stuck on the same page for a long time and there hasn’t been much progress.
  • And deep down you 100% know that NOW is the time to create your own business!
    It’s time to stop getting in your own way! It’s time to learn the step-by-step know-how and build a business that lights you up! It’s time to ditch working in ways that do not feel aligned anymore.

  • NO MORE one-to-one back-to-back clients or working in ways where you’re left feeling drained!
  • NO MORE, feeling like a highly qualified administrator!

    It’s time to spark your journey of change, and create a business that gives you a return on investment on all that you’ve studied so far, and I’m excited to support you.

    You can 100% work in ways that light you up, where you get to witness your clients have incredible life-changing results, whilst that invisible ceiling on your income disappears, without needing to lean into any weird or misaligned business-building approaches.

  • The Programme. What’s included?

    Discover a New Way is not just any training, but a community-supported, proven-framework-based, done-with-you style business and personal development mentorship to help you build your own online business in just a few months.

    It includes:

    • Over 50, Step-by-Step, bite-sized, training modules of concentrated information, spread across 16 weeks, to literally handhold you through designing, creating, and marketing your very own online coaching business, using just the qualifications you have already. Each module has dedicated tasks where you’ll have real-life feedback from experts so that every week you can see your business come more and more to life.
    • 100% Coaching-style Experience including but not limited to:
      – 16+ hrs of LIVE Mindset Q&A (every Wednesday at 2pm UK time zone) personally led by Dr. Tilean to help you to bust through Entrepreneurship beliefs that are holding you back and support you to grow into the soul-nourished CEO you aspire to be. You can even submit questions if you can’t attend live as these calls are recorded and replays are made available.

      – 16+ hrs of LIVE Business Strategy & Scaling Q&A personally led by Dr. Tilean (every Friday at 2pm UK time zone) to screen share and LIVE consult on any marketing elements ranging from your Facebook Adverts to your Website pages. You can even submit questions if you can’t attend live as these calls are recorded and replays made available.

    • Six, Strategically-timed, 121 Power sessions with a dedicated Certified Mindset Coach and Business Strategist over Zoom to ensure you are able to discuss and strategise mindset and business roadblocks in a high-focus, private setting.
    • Dedicated, In-house team of Marketing Experts to review & provide feedback support to you on all aspects including mission statement, professional bio, ads, website landing page, copywriting, and more. Their experience of having worked with practitioners across a wide range of niches, ensures you are never caught napping with your marketing needs and challenges.
    • FREE custom business templates to help you collect, analyse and optimise data that makes sense for your new business, the simple way!

    Priority Support from our dedicated Helpdesk team to attend to your queries on training assignments and admin assistance.

    PLUS a tonne of other value, including…

    BONUS #1 – A detailed list of ALL the resources I use in my biz (and I’ll even share other resources you’ll find useful too!)

    BONUS #2 – 1 Limited-quantity, Dr. Tilean Branded Journal and pen delivered right to your doorstep!

    BONUS #3 – A Bonafide Certificate of Participation to recognise the launch of your business, and continued LIFETIME access to all the Course modules!

    BONUS #4 – Access to a close-knit community of like-minded, forward-thinking practitioners from all around the world on a journey similar to yours, who are committed to making a ripple of impact with their mission.

    BONUS #5 – Beyond your 16-weeks, we provide complimentary ongoing support for ONE whole year, as you continue to grow and scale your business with our monthly Vibe & Rise sessions for graduates.

    Why work with me? Why this program?

    1) I’m a business strategist AND a Psychologist.
    As well as being a successful business coach (don’t just take my word for it, see the love shared by my clients below), I’ve got years of training (ten years to be specific) on mindset and behaviour change! The program has been designed to support you to delve deep and make mindset shifts that will empower you to get CLEAR on your vision and take your business off the ground once and for all!

    2) I’m passionate about helping practitioners make more money.
    Put simply, making more money, gives Mind and Body Practitioners, Therapists, Healers, and other like-minded Practitioners a chance to make more impact and contribution to the things that REALLY matter. Imagine, if more money were in the hands of people like you, imagine how much better would be done in the world!

    Yet, many practitioners, end up working in a way that can come with…

    – Low levels of financial gain, so there is not much left to support the causes that they really care about.
    – Intense daily feelings of burnout often from overgiving and overworking.
    – Serving in a way that feels limited for their clients.

    I love helping them Discover A New Way.

    3) I’m a plain-talking South Londoner, who started with very little and made it work.
    I’m just a regular girl from South London (UK) who was raised in a council estate (a bit like the projects) and keeps it real simple, and I’ll share with you strategies that work! If you’re looking for clear steps on how to get your business and life going in the direction you want it, then I’m your girl!

    4) I genuinely care about every single person I work with.
    This program has been designed so you can be personally supported to develop a unique business that represents you and can scale to multiple six figures and beyond per year, whilst giving you more freedom and flexibility to do what you love.

    5) I value you, your time and your investment.
    I’ve poured my heart and soul into the development of this program. Everything I know, I share with you and I created this program with love and a full amount of energy and include everything you need for your business to be a success. What I bring to you is high value and works!


    A little love from my clients…

    “Working with Tilean has been an amazing journey. I am so much more confident and have transformed my life in a way that I never thought I could. I got clear on who I wanted to work with, who my ideal client was and how I can serve them. She guided me on how to create a website step by step – I’ve never created a website in my life! It’s phenomenal how much I have learnt. I have never been a tech person and was clueless about anything online, so having her take me through each phase of business building – from market research, website building, branding, setting up marketing systems – the whole works, has been incredibly empowering and life changing! She is an amazing person to work with and I would recommend her a thousand times.”
    Idil, Psychologist – Behaviour Change Specialist,

    You know….when you take the first right step that turns everything on! That was my making the decision to do coaching with Tilean. It has been an amazing experience. She believed in me and my business, and for the first time, I could see it actually working too. I was stuck in a draining job working all hours after attempting and failing to start my business 3x before. She is super generous, leads by example and her infectious high energy meant that I kept my energy levels up too. Fast forward today, I am working full-time on my business, having travelled a lot and attracting well paying clients. If you’re like me and have tried everything that hasn’t worked… Dr.Tilean will sort it.
    Linda, Career & Mindset Coach

    Questions you might have…

    I’m not sure of the exact direction and/or niche I’d like my business to have! Will this programme help?
    This programme is designed to help you get crystal clear in the first week on what business direction and niche is best for you, based on your qualifications, experience and most importantly your passions. We’ll work together to flesh this out, so you’re not left alone figuring it out. We will help you identify the person/group you want to work with and help you uncover your unique abilities so you get clear on the type of business and client you’d want to work with. If you have no desire to create your own business and work for yourself this programme is not for you.

    I’m not sure if I want my business to be 100% online. Is this programme still right for me?
    Absolutely, the online elements will give your business more freedom and flexibility, however, you can also deliver certain elements offline. I love offline too, so even though I run an online business, I host 2 retreats a year and other in-person events from time-to-time also. If it’s because your modality of working is using Art, Dance, Yoga etc, you’d be surprised what can be taken online, so you can really live life on your terms! If you’re unsure, my team would be happy to help you flesh this out too in your decision-making call. .

    Will there ever be the perfect time or the perfect life situations going on that will make it the right time to start?
    In my opinion, no! When I decided to build my business, life wasn’t great but I decided I wanted change! I felt stuck in the daily grind, commuting through the rat race of London and even though I had umpteen degrees, I had no idea how to use my skills to create the life I really wanted. To top it off, I was going through a challenging time in my life, including a marriage breakup and my addiction to giving too much. But you see, I decided that no matter what crap was happening in my own world, I’d build myself and my biz at the same time, so that when my biz was ready, I was! I decided to bite the bullet and create the life I truly desired. Many of our clients start this process when life is challenging, and use that as a fuel to change their life once and for all. From personal experience and the experience of some of our clients, I know how possible it is to move past these feelings of doubt and fear regardless of what’s going on in your life, and create a business and life better than you could even imagine!

    How much one-on-one coaching time will I actually get and how involved is Dr. Tilean on the other side?
    You’ll have six 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions over 4-months with a dedicated business and mindset strategist. Direct access to Dr. Tilean will be on the weekly calls she hosts, plus she is involved in all the business feedback you’ll receive. She’s very much involved in your journey of success in the process. Dr. Tilean does offer 1:1 however in her add-on FLY with Dr. Tilean, but this is not essential for your success in your business, as the program has been designed to meet ALL your business needs.

    What additional investment will I need to make in order to implement what I learn?
    Building a business, even an online one will require investment. In addition to investing in the right education and guidance to get you there (at probably just a small fraction of what it cost to gain all your qualifications), there will be business systems you’ll need to run your business online. We recommend setting aside £300/$300 per month for running business costs, as well as having at least £10/$10 per day to invest in advertising as you get started.

    When will I be able to start making money?
    By week 5 in Discover A New Way we would have taught you everything you need to be ready! You’ll be clear on your offer, and your price point, you’ll be business-ready and you’ll be client ready.  However, it’s important to know that your results are dependent on your efforts too and from the results of our previous clients we know that if you do work and follow through with the action steps, you’ll get results that will blow your mind. It’s that simple!

    When does the programme begin?
    Firstly, each and every person who joins Discover A New Way goes through an application process, where we hand-select practitioners who we believe will fully apply themselves in this process. However, if you do qualify as suitable for the process, you can literally start straight away. This is not like University where you have to wait until September or the next available intake. When you’re ready to start building and scaling your business we’re here to help you and if you’re suitable for our process you’d start straight away. The great thing about this is that when you start there are already practitioners ahead of you, who can show you what’s possible, plus they remember what it’s like to be on day one, and so show a lot of support to our newcomers. To kick-start your journey, book a call with us (click the button below).

    Still got questions?
    No problem, every single person that is interested in our programme and process is required to have a decision-making call (click the button below), for us to flesh out if this is the best next step for you. We’ll get on the phone with you first, to learn more about you, and what you want to create so we can determine if this is the next best step for you, and we’ll discuss anything you need in more detail, including what your personal start date is, the investment and payment options, if you’re suitable.