Do you shy away from your own brilliance?

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Do you shy away from your own brilliance?
Do you back down from REALLY 100% whole heartedly embracing your Queen/King energy?
Could it be that deep down you feel unsafe showcasing your best self (the one you see in your big picture vision)?
Could it be that there’s a deeper fear inside you that if you really shine your light bright, others may hide there’s? AND… because you want people to show up for themselves (because you’re all about SOUL SUCCESS) you stand back a little, dim your light a little and suppress your brilliance a little because that will make you more relatable?!?

There’s something about wanting to hold on to perceived limitations to be relatable…

Are you holding onto that extra weight on your body to be relatable?
Are you holding onto that current income level to be relatable?
Are you holding onto issues of the past to be relatable?
Are you being mindlessly ‘busy’ to be relatable?
Are you holding onto old clothes to be relatable?
Are you not moving to that home/area or country to stay relatable?


And I could think of so many other ways you may be holding back so that you consider yourself still relatable.

But let me share this… as you DECIDE AND COMMIT to letting go of what is not serving you (aka what you’re telling yourself is making you relatable and not fully 100% stepping into your Queen/King) so much more greatness will be happen!!!

It’s going to be inspiring.
It’s going to radiate an energy that gives even more people permission to shine.
It’s going to trigger some people, but ultimately (and hopefully) what it’s doing is causing them to question their own shit and rise above it.


Being relatable means elevating!
It means shining brighter and allowing even more people to relate with you.
It means being more energised on your mission.


Your results (money, health, success etc) will get bigger!
Because you’ll step into a more energised and radiant version of yourself which WILL attract great abundance on ALL LEVELS.


You’ll still be relatable.

I want you to know that you don’t need to be shrinking back anymore! It’s actually not serving you and will hold you back!

Shine your brilliance even more because you’ll be doing yourself AND others a massive favour.

Instead of holding back from stepping into your full potential, allow yourself to EXPAND into your next level self and impact even more lives.

Remember, shrinking back doesn’t serve ANYONE!!!

Good vibes always,
Dr. Tilean xoxo

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