ENERGY… You get to create it…

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Whenever I wake up feeling drained.


I decide to FIND THE ENERGY to proceed through the day with STRENGTH!


I then take ACTION to create energy from within.


Too many people complain they don’t have time, the energy, strength or know-how to do what needs to be done, where in actual fact that’s not true.


You’ve just not MASTERED THE MINDSET required to create energy and results from within.


You see on Friday, I woke up feeling drained and I chose to shift that feeling so I had a super productive day. I meditated, I wrote in my journal, I had coffee, I affirmed and confirmed important decisions and set out my intentions for the day, I spoke with loved ones and then pulled on my running gear and then left my yard and moved!


I put on some AFROBEATS and went running.


I didn’t want to go!


I repeat, I didn’t want to go!


But I wanted to CREATE ENERGY and I knew that would help me.


So in the time I protect for myself in the morning to get into the right state of mind for the day, I used it to go running and shifted my energy!




Energy is everything.


Energy ensures I serve powerfully.




Energy always wins.


When you need energy, remember you get to decide how to get it!


Good vibes always,


Dr. Tilean xoxo


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