Right now, if you’re honest, the realities and practicalities of your business means you’re quite frankly not living the life you desire. Am I right?

You’re not obtaining the results you’d like and your levels of motivation and energy are inconsistent, right? And you find yourself sometimes not using your time effectively and procrastinating, even though you know something bigger is waiting for you! Plus the mind games you play with yourself are beyond RIDICULOUS! Sound familiar?

We both know you designed your life so you’d be making a great income and impact, as well as having a life of fun and freedom, but you’re ability to live the dream is inconsistent! And if you’re honest the main focus for you has been developing the strategy and working out THE HOW so you can receive the results you desire (and require). But I want to remind you that you’re MASSIVELY neglecting a VITAL component?

I want you to know that along with the strong business foundation and strategy (that let’s be honest we both know you’ve already got those to a certain extent) is YOU! YOU and a mindset that ALLOWS you to receive everything that you REALLY want; great finances and a purposeful life, where you’re abundant in all areas of your life – mental, physical, emotional and financial!

I know you know MINDSET IS EVERYTHING in order to achieve the life you desire, and you know that business success is at least 80% psychology, but you’re not investing 100% in this area of your life! Why? It’s what will empower you to master your emotions, manifest what your heart truly desires, increase your results and enable you to fully connect with the most important person you know… YOU and unleash FULLY your powerful self!

Don’t you think, it’s your time to become the BEST version of you and experience great abundance in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE?

FLY with Dr. Tilean, is a unique coaching experience for high-achieving entrepreneurs and business leaders that are READY to elevate their mindset, embark on an incredibly transformative journey of self-discovery and truly skyrocket their success!

This is a personalised experience to suit your business needs but here are some of the topics we may cover…

Unlock Your Bad-Ass Self

    There’s a super successful, extremely balanced bad-ass leader inside of you! It’s time to unleash YOU and who you are on a bigger scale!

    You’ll learn tips and tricks to having a success mindset that enables you to continuously align with your bad-ass self, so you are continuously stepping it up BIG TIME and commanding results that serve you and the people around you in your business AND living the life you love!

Ultimate Clarity
    You have a big vision, but right now the way you are managing your business is not giving you enough time, energy and/or money to make your vision a reality!

    You’ll get crystal clear on not only your vision, but your values and core beliefs, so you can ensure that everything you do from now on is in complete alignment and bringing you even closer towards your vision. You’ll learn how to connect with EXACTLY what you need to do on a deeper level AND TAKE ACTION!

Stop With The BS – Continuous Momentum

    I’m not going to sugar coat it – no amount of MINDSET WORK will change the fact that life is NOT sunshine and roses #FACT. BUT on some level you’re allowing FEAR and certain life circumstances to slow your flow and it’s affecting your results! You’ll learn about business psychology and how to use mindset work to become the ruler of your feelings and reduce those energy sucking thoughts and habits, so you get results.

    You’ll learn techniques to simplify your life to keep you from burn out and being overwhelmed, and create more productive days. You’ll also be equipped with time management and productivity tools that will kill resistance FAST!

    As a spiritual bad-ass leader, I’m pretty sure you’re blurring boundaries on some level in your business and life! Maybe you’re over-giving massively to your detriment or perhaps you’re allowing customers or others in your life to mess around and it makes you feel icky! Am I right?!?

    Well, you’ll get super clear on how to manage boundaries, as well as understand what drags you down and what lifts you up, and set boundaries that you can stick to. Because, believe it or not, your current boundaries (or lack of) and how they make you feel are having a massive impact on your results!

Dealing with the lows, the guilt and shame

    Ever wonder how to lessen the feelings of wanting to give up on your business, falling into your duvet and eating ice cream by the gallon (or indulging in some other form of self-sabotage) when something doesn’t go to plan? Every time you take your business to the next level, there is the possibility you’ll face extreme lows and I want you to be equipped with the right tools and support to handle it.

    You’ll learn how to take care of yourself and still be a bad-ass in business. You’ll be taught the skills to tame the noise in your head so you bring your best energy everyday in your business and smash through mindset blocks.

Healing The Inner Child Within.

    Previous (or current) life experiences and situations may have left you wounded deep down. I’ll take you through a process of learning how to heal them, so you can experience even more results in your life.

    This could include situations that have led to beliefs such as ‘feeling like you’re not enough or ready’; ‘feeling like you’re always experiencing patterns of life struggle, pain and suffering‘; ‘feeling like there’s never enough’; ‘wanting to prove yourself to others’; and ‘it’s always harder for you‘ or ‘struggle is my middle name’ to name a few.

    You’ll see how healing the inner child will empower you to release more of what’s within you, so you can claim greater results!

The Confidence Trapped Within You

    I know, I know, you’re already confident BUT to a certain extent you’re dimming your light and have some DEEP stories that are limiting your success, your visibility in your business and affecting your ability to stand out and shine.

    It’s time to unravel these stories and really unpick them. I’ll give you the tools to become crystal clear on what’s holding you back from being the super confident person that’s already within you. You’ll use this to up your energy and start to easily obtain the results you know are within your reach!

The Wealth Trapped Within You

    Regardless of your back story and current story (maybe you grew up in struggle or maybe you grew up around wealth, or you can’t save and/or never seem to have enough money), you have a super wealthy person that is trapped within you and is screaming to get out! Learn money growth techniques that will shift you on the inside and on the out!

    You’ll also learn all my money management practices that bring me consistent income in my business and enable me to consistently elevate my life. As well as become confident with sales in a heart-based way AND strengthen your ability to receive!

And it doesn’t stop there…

Imagine… this morning you woke up with the sun and you’re soaking in the exotic beauty and tranquillity of the island. You then head over to a stunning venue to experience an in-person business mastermind.

As you network with other likeminded individuals, you smile with a deep sense of awe and appreciation as you feel the warm gentle breeze touching your skin. You watch green monkeys clamber in the trees while Antillean crested hummingbirds buzz around hibiscus flowers just an arm’s reach away.

It feels like a pinch me moment! Where are you, you ask?

You’re in Barbados, a gorgeous small gem in the Caribbean. Immersed in a moment of bliss, you suddenly realise just how much you’ve needed these moments of calm and serenity, coupled with the energy to have an even deeper transformative experience and get really creative with your business so that you can get ready to play on that next level!

Over three days, you will deepen your connection with you, form genuine friendships and prepare to take your business up a notch AGAIN and experience a whole lot of fun! You know that great innovation and ideas will come to you even faster when you allow yourself to be ALL IN and take yourself out of your own bubble.


Yup, you heard right…

During your personalised one-on-one coaching experience where you’ve already had an incredible amount of breakthroughs and results, you’ll make plans to fly away to the Caribbean and spend three days with me and a group of like-minded business go-getters.

This is where you’ll calm your racing mind and get seriously innovative as you prepare to elevate your business and life even further, using some flip chart paper and sharpies (no laptop needed – as it’s time to disconnect and get creative). You’ll also experience a serious amount of relaxation and play, as well as leaving the island with even more of a rock-solid mindset and a kick-ass strategy.

As a successful entrepreneur and leader, it’s imperative that you make time to slow down, so YOU can rebalance and reconnect with the most important person you know… YOU, disconnect and prepare to sky rocket your business to that next level of success.


Lunches will be provided over the three days and mealtimes will offer healthy and palate-pleasing meals and the chance to ‘lime’ just like the Bajans do, which is their favourite pastime, involving hanging out and chilling.

You’ll experience a range of local dishes that bring your taste buds alive. Imagine ‘mahi mahi’ fish caught fresh that day, accompanied with mouth-watering mango salsa and a side of rice and peas seasoned to perfection.

Or perhaps a succulent chicken breast rubbed with subtle spice from traditional Bajan seasoning served on a bed of sweet potato mash!

This unique coaching experience is for Go-Getters, Change-Makers and Soul-Shakers…

You’re a high-achiever, you MASSIVELY believe in yourself and you’re ready to seriously ELEVATE your success. You’re great at what you do and you KNOW the results you deliver through your services or products are incredible. You also KNOW that your Go-Getting attributes means it’s tough to slow down and you need some time to rebalance and sink into your soul space, allowing for even more breakthroughs and inspired business creations to happen.

You’re all about building your legacy and this is seen in the work you do. Also, you’re ALL IN, you don’t pussy foot around, you do the work, roll up your selves and get on with what you need to do, minimal excuses. BUT you’re not prepared for this to come at the cost of YOU! To remain balanced, innovative and continuing to step it up in your business and life, you’re excited to carve out an extended period of time to switch off from technology and just be in Barbados.

Female Go-Givers, Change-Makers and Soul-Shakers

You’ve got great energy, you’re fun and most importantly you are aware that business success is 80% mindset. You know it’s REALLY the work that gets you the big results in EVERY AREA OF YOUR BUSINESS & LIFE! You know that even though mindset work and healing can sometimes bring you to tears and feel uncomfortable, you know that there’s no avoiding it! You’re also READY for a serious amount of relaxation and play on a sunshine island located in the Caribbean.

Dr. Tilean swimming in Barbados
You deserve this!

  • You’ll seriously benefit from sharpening your focus.
  • You’re ready for deep transformations that will break you through to that next level.
  • You’re ready to develop greater boundaries in your business and life so you can be your best self!
  • You know you’ve earned the right to reconnect fully with the most important person you know… YOU.
  • You deserve to be immersed in beauty, inspiration and tranquillity.
  • It’s time to experience a unique coaching experience, that is combined with the opportunity to WAKE UP in the Caribbean, so you can step it up continuously in your life and business!

    It’s time to increase your focus and ability to think with a sense of clarity, so you can plan more profitable business creations.

    It’s time to get mental freedom and elevate your business to that next level of success!


    What is included?
  • Six months one-on-one virtual coaching to start NOW, which includes:
    – Twelve 1-hour bi-weekly breakthrough coaching sessions.
    – Unlimited daily access to me via Facebook messenger.
    – A comprehensive welcome pack.
    – Complimentary access to my signature mindset mastery programme THE POWERHOUSE.
    – Complimentary access to all Dr. Tilean Roadshows that take place during our coaching.
    – A customised programme to suit your needs.
  • Three days, business masterminding in Barbados, May 1st – May 3rd 2018 from 10am – 4pm each day, with lunch and refreshments provided on all days.
  • What is not included?
  • Your accommodation, travel costs to Barbados (flight, cruise etc.) and transfers to the private mastermind venue.
  • Additional activities and food outside of what is included in the mastermind, and other additional purchases.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance for Barbados.
  • Why this programme?

    Dr. TileanErr why not?

    If you’re interested in cultivating the skills that will move you forward with consistent action and that will get you RESULTS, then I’m your girl! As a Chartered Psychologist and Kick-Ass BEHAVIOUR CHANGE EXPERT, I help peeps like you have breakthroughs over and over again, so you can continuously uplevel in business and life! This is not a surface level programme, we’ll go deep into REAL issues!

    This programme is for the HIGH-ACHIEVING entrepreneur or business leader that is ready to admit that life and biz is not all sunshine and roses! You know entrepreneurship and effective leadership is not a career, it’s a lifestyle and requires a deep understanding of business psychology, so you can create a business and life that nourishes you on every level!

    I believe it’s my super-strength (plus over 10 years of expertise in psychology, mindset and behaviour change) to help YOU see the limiting beliefs that are standing in your way! You know the ones that are stopping you attracting the ideal clients, making the money you desire and having the lifestyle you dream of? So that’s why I do what I do, so I can catapult you to a place that feels “Wow!” Plus, the only way to have a kick-ass business AND life is to continuously uplevel your mindset and take the time to sink into your soul space, whist taking action – obviously! You ready to rise?