Go Getters, Change Makers and Soul Shakers, this is where you’ll UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE in all areas, be a part of a POWERFUL MASTERMIND and restore and RECHARGE YOUR MOJO in Barbados. You ready?

Are you ready to be surrounded by other likeminded souls that….

  • Like to get things done!
  • They are the boss of their own damn self.
  • They don’t think inside of the box, in fact they don’t think outside the box, they just think freely!
  • They enjoy life, love to travel and open their hearts and minds to new experiences.
  • They know how important it is to have a healthy mind, body and soul and have the kindest of hearts, but sometimes don’t have enough time or energy to always wholeheartedly nourish themselves.
If the answer was YES to any of the above, then read on, because it might be your time to FLY!

FLY with Dr. Tilean, is a unique coaching and mastermind experience for business leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and other high-achieving professionals that are READY to elevate their mindset, embark on an incredibly transformative journey of self-discovery and truly skyrocket their success in ALL areas!

You’ll become the most BALANCED you’ve ever been, IMPROVE YOURSELF PROFESSIONALLY AND PERSONALLY, and generally UPLIFT YOUR LIFE on every level!

Imagine… this morning you woke up with the sun and you’re soaking in the exotic beauty and tranquillity of the island. You feel blessed to feel the warm gentle breeze touching your skin. You watch Antillean crested hummingbirds buzz around hibiscus flowers just an arm’s reach away.

You’ve got dressed, put on your sunnies and you’re heading over to a stunning venue to immerse yourself in a transformational mastermind experience with like-minded go-getters.. When you arrive, you smile with a deep sense of awe and appreciation of the beautiful like-minded souls you have been connected with.

It’s been 3-months and you’ve been on an incredible journey of transformation with Dr. Tilean from the conform of your own home and you’re life (both personally and professionally) has rapidly up-levelled.

It feels like a pinch me moment! Where are you, you ask?

You’re in Barbados, a gorgeous small gem in the Caribbean. Immersed in a moment of bliss calm and serenity, you’re ready to go even deeper with your transformative experience!

Over three days, you will deepen your connection with you, form genuine friendships and prepare to take your life up a notch AGAIN and experience a whole lot of fun! You know that great innovation and ideas will come to you even faster when you allow yourself to be ALL IN and sink into your soul space and you’re ready to uplevel again.


Yup, you heard right…

Following your 3-months coaching experience where you’ve already had an incredible amount of breakthroughs and results, you’ll make plans to fly away to the Caribbean and spend three days with me and a group of like-minded professional go-getters.

This is where you’ll calm your racing mind and get seriously innovative as you prepare to elevate your personal and professional life even further. You’ll be using some flip chart paper and sharpies whilst you’re there, (so your laptop is NOT needed) it’s time to disconnect. You’ll also experience a serious amount of relaxation and play, leaving the island even more aligned with your personally and professional truth.

As a high-achiever, it’s imperative that you make time to slow down, so YOU can rebalance and reconnect with the most important person you know… YOU, disconnect and prepare to sky rocket your life to that next level of success.

OMG, this sounds like exactly what I need! I'm ready to chat, let's have a Breakthrough call!

This unique coaching experience is for Go-Getters, Change-Makers and Soul-Shakers…

You’re a high-achiever, you MASSIVELY believe in yourself and you’re ready to seriously ELEVATE your success in all areas of your life. You also KNOW that your Go-Getting attributes means it’s tough to slow down and you need some time to rebalance and sink into your soul space to remain aligned with your life purpose.

You’re all about building your legacy and this is seen in the work you do. Also, you work hard, you don’t pussy foot around, you do the work, roll up your selves and get on with what you need to do, minimal excuses. BUT you’re not prepared for this to come at the cost of YOU! To remain balanced, you’re excited to carve out an extended period of time to switch off from technology and just be in Barbados.

You know that your body is your vessel to greatness! You also know the importance of sinking into your soul space continuously! You’ve got great energy, you’re fun and most importantly you are aware that ultimate life satisifaction and success is 80% mindset. You know it’s the REAL work that gets you the big results in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE!

Female Go-Givers, Change-Makers and Soul-Shakers
Dr. Tilean swimming in Barbados

A life changing experience awaits you!


  • You’re ready for deep transformations that will break you through to that next level.
  • You’re ready to develop greater boundaries in your personal and professional life so you can be your best self!
  • You know you’ve earned the right to reconnect fully with the most important person you know… YOU.
  • You’ll seriously benefit from sharpening your focus.
  • You deserve to be immersed in beauty, inspiration and tranquillity.

It’s time to experience a unique coaching and mastermind experience, that is combined with the opportunity to WAKE UP in the Caribbean, so you can step it up continuously in your life (personally and professionally)!

It’s time to increase your focus and ability to think with a greater sense of clarity.

It’s time to get mental freedom and elevate your life to that next level of success!


What is included?
  • A transformational 3-month group coaching experience, with weekly transformational calls and support to have lasting breakthroughs.
  • A powerful one-to-one kick-off session where we deep dive into where you’re at right now and where you’d like to be heading.
  • Four one-to-one breakthrough coaching sessions for the duration.
    In those sessions you can expect to:
    – Have space to work through your main pressing personal or professional life concern.
    – Set goals and create ACCOUNTABILITY so that every week you take massive action that ELEVATES your life!
    – Be inspired, energise and motivated in your ABILITY to create change NOW and take massive leaps ahead!
  • Unlimited daily access to me via messenger.
  • A customised programme to suit your needs.
  • Holiday/hold weeks to use throughout your programme.
  • Access to quarterly in-person group mastermind meet-up (London, UK).
  • Access to WAKE UP, my signature MINDSET MASTERY e-course.
  • PLUS…
  • A luxury three days spent immersed in a transformational mastermind experience with like-minded go-getters in Barbados. Next available date November 20th – 22nd November from 10am – 4pm each day. Lunch and refreshments will be provided on all days.
What is not included?
  • Your accommodation, travel costs to Barbados (flight, cruise etc.) and transfers to the private mastermind venue.
  • Additional activities and food outside of what is included in the mastermind, and other additional purchases.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance for Barbados.
  • Why this programme?

    Dr. TileanErr why not?

    This programme is for the HIGH-ACHIEVER. If that’s you and you’re interested in cultivating the skills that will SKYROCKET your success in ALL areas (including career, money and finance, health and fitness, fun and play, growth and learning, relationships, spirituality and much more), then I’m your girl! As a Chartered Psychologist and Kick-Ass BEHAVIOUR CHANGE EXPERT, I help peeps like you have breakthroughs over and over again, so you can continuously uplevel in life (professionally AND personally)! This is not a surface level programme, we’ll go deep into REAL issues!

    I believe it’s my super-strength (plus over 10 years of expertise in psychology, mindset and behaviour change) to help YOU see the limiting beliefs that are standing in your way! You know the ones that are stopping you becoming the most BALANCED you’ve ever been, where you IMPROVE YOURSELF PROFESSIONALLY AND PERSONALLY, and you’re generally UPLIFTING YOUR LIFE on every level! So that’s why I do what I do, so I can catapult you to a place that feels “Wow!” You ready to elevate?

    Hell Yes Dr. Tilean, I'm ready to learn more and FLY! Let's have our Breakthrough call so I can find out more.