How to set goals that REALLY catapult you forward…

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One of the main factors that enabled me to take my business and life to where it is today is because I never ever set realistic goals. 

I’ve never allowed myself to ever think that something was not possible for me. If it’s possible for someone else, then it is dam well possible for me too!

Big, crazy sounding goals and massive action is what has enabled me to make massive leaps in my life and succeed, and that’s exactly what I teach my clients and how they make such incredible leaps ahead and it’s what I want for you too – massive shifts, leaps, breakthroughs and results… but it all starts from dreaming big!

Carve out an hour and answer the following:
1)    Life as it is now! For business, health and wellbeing, emotions and mindset, intimate relationships, finances, contribution to others, friends, family, fun… and any other areas you would like to add.
2)    What do I really want from 2019? How would I like these areas of my life to grow in 2019? What about in the first 3 months of the year? 6 months? 9 months?
3)    Why do I want it? Why now?
4)    Who do I need to be to achieve these results? What do I need to commit to in order to make it happen?
5)    What would stand in our way?
6)    How can I ensure that I don’t stand in my own way?
7)    Now just DO IT! Starting NOW – yes start before January 2019, so the new identity habits start to kick in!
No more thinking realistic or taking realistic actions. Dream big and take big, massive action! 

Really and truly if you are thinking in terms of ‘realistic’ rather than mind blowing results, perhaps entrepreneurship may not be the path for you. From my experience, I’ve learnt it takes some pretty gut-wrenching leaps of faith A LOT of the time to keep moving forward. 

Realistic goals are goals are often focused on avoiding failure, whereas failure shouldn’t even be on your mind. Any energy sucking thoughts that are preventing you from rising like “what if I don’t make it?”, need to be transformed into energy elevating thoughts! Easy said than done though, right?

But it can be done continuously with Mindset Mastery! 

Start by allowing yourself to dream big, believe you have what it takes to make it happen and take massive action! You have exactly what it takes to create a life and business that exceeds your expectations and the only thing ever stopping you is YOU! 

Take wild calculated leaps that others would think you’re crazy to take and jump like you know deep in your heart that you are a great success. 

Put yourself out there to succeed! The only limit is YOU and your MIND!

You got this!

Good vibes always,

Dr. Tilean xoxo

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