A mindset mastery self-study programme focused on money, wealth and financial abundance lead by Dr. Tilean, leading Chartered Psychologist and Behaviour Change Expert for Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Business Leaders.

Are you a Go-Getter like me, and dedicated to your SOUL SUCCESS? But...

Do you question how on earth to financial scale and manage your life in a way that feels good?

And are you fed up with the same financial pattern that you see in your life month in and month out, and want more?

If the answer is yes to , then I'm so glad you're here, because it’s time to DISCOVER everything you need to know about the topic of PSYCHOLOGY & Money.

Did you know that you're psychology (your mindset) around money has a major impact on the way you handle your finances?

How many times have you told yourself...
* I'm really bad at managing money.
* There's never enough money.
* Money burns a hole in my pocket.
* Only the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
* Money is the root of all evil.

What else do you say about money?

You see, your finances have very little to do with money, but rather your PSYCHOLOGY - the internal programming that life has moulded you with! And the great news is that your programming can change to allow you to live a more financially abundant life. This is what DISCOVER Psychology & Money is about. It’s time to learn about money in a way that allows you to create an even bigger impact with your SOUL SUCCESS, whilst living the life the life you've dreamed of!

A little love from some of my clients...


"The money mindset work we did together was the biggest breakthrough for me as I was able to finally figure out why on earth I was always broke. If it wasn't for the deep money mindset work Dr. Tilean made me do, I would never have made the leaps I did."

Idil Hassan, Founder of the Somali Coaching Academy

"Dr. Tilean shone the light on my two biggest money and business success blocks. She has the ability to ask deep, pointed questions that get exactly to the point of the matter and reveal your biggest blocks to you."

Amanda Neill, Creator of Birth of Venus Coaching + Modern Day Venus


How does it work?

Once you’re all signed up to the programme you’ll receive log-in details to the private members site, where you’ll be guided though the different steps towards changing your mindset around money, wealth and financial abundance.

The trainings are a mixture of videos, worksheets and practical action steps guided to change your relationship with money once and for all and covers the following steps in-detail:

The Foundational Pieces of Psychology and Money
• A Brief, but Important Introduction
• Understanding Your Money Script
• The Principles of Behaviour Change
• What You Really Believe About Money
• The Power of Perception on Your Reality

Shortening the Distance to SOUL SUCCESS Wealth Creation
• The Size and Cost of Your SOUL SUCCESS Vision
• Your Actual Current Money Reality
• Creating A New Money Reality
• Reducing the Likelihood of Self-Sabotage
• The Power of Your Brain and Financial Abundance

Cultivating Lasting Change for SOUL SUCCESS Financial Abundance
• Psychological Methods to Cultivating Change
• Practical Actions to Cultivating Change – Part 1
• Practical Actions to Cultivating Change – Part 2
• Expanding Your Business and Its Capacity to Receive
• The Next Steps and Continuous Financial Growth for SOUL SUCCESS

This programme is a life changing experience that will revolutionise your outlook on money, wealth and how you live your life with maximum financial abundance! Remember… your mental game is the most important component to achieving ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

As the leading Chartered Psychologist and Behaviour Change Expert for Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Business Leaders dedicated to their SOUL SUCCESS, I’ve designed this programme to support you in making mindset shifts that are essential for you to catapult in the area of financial abundance!


The investment

The investment can be made in one of two ways:

• Three equal monthly payments of £197

Dr. Tilean, I'm READY to WAKE UP and will use the payment plan!

• OR pay in full for £497 (and receive a saving of £94)!

Dr. Tilean, I'm READY to WAKE UP and I'll pay in full!

Any questions? Then please contact the Dr. Tilean team using this form, explaining how you’d like us to help. It will send your note directly to our inbox and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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