My why is now 10,000+ times stronger…

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When you start a business, it’s so important to know what it’s all about. 

And I’m not talking about the business plans or anything else strategy wise (although these are important). I’m referring to WHY are you embarking on this crazy journey of entrepreneurship? 

WHY are you committing to this journey which at many times will involve a crazy amount of hard work, determination, crazy investments and crazy self-belief, even at times when you feel a high level of doubt and uncertainty whether it will work? WHY are you feeling the fear and moving forward anyway? WHY are you motivated to work on something just because it’s interesting, exciting and personally challenging? What does it mean to you, your family and the people around you? WHY are you doing this?

These WHY’s are intrinsic motivators and they are soooooooo important, because it’s what will keep you determined to keep going, even in the challenging times. It’s a WHY that motivates you because of soul, purpose and personal reasons for satisfaction and accomplishments. 

Whereas an extrinsic motivator is where you’re motivated by a demand, obligation, competition or reward of some kind – perhaps money. 

I’m not saying one’s bad and one’s good – as both types of motivators have their place. But it’s scientifically proven that a WHY connected to intrinsic motivators is much more powerful and will lead to greater results. 

Extrinsic motivators alone are never deep enough to keep an entrepreneur going for the long haul! So know your WHY. 

What I know for sure is my why just got 10,000+ times deeper! 
Today, as I continue to celebrate the new life that is growing inside of me, my WHY expands.

My new WHY…

I want this new life to observe close to home how important it is to live life to the full. 

I want this new life to know how life is so precious and to appreciate each and every breath. 

I want this new life to be internally and externally confident to go after dreams they have, no matter the fears that life may create around them. 

I want this new life to know that they can become and create anything their heart desires.

I want this new life to know that they live in an abundant universe and are divinely guided and to do good and trust in God.

I want this new life to know NEVER to listen to anyone who tells you “you can’t” or “that’s not possible”. You live in a world where there are countless opportunities and ways to make things happen. Your dreams are real, go after them! 

I want this new life to celebrate themselves, even the smallest accomplishments, as they proceed forward in life to create great things. 

I want this new life to know they should celebrate others. When we celebrate each other, we all VIBE & RISE.

I want this new life to know that laughter, play, travel and adventure is important, and they should make so many memories. 

I want the new life to know that it’s okay to be vulnerable, that sometimes you might want to cry or be emotional and that’s okay, as being vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness. 

I want this new life to know that their own love story (the love they show to themselves) is the most powerful form of love they could ever experience.

I want this new life to know that gratitude is the foundation to everything.

I want this new life inside of me to know this first and foremost… 

And I want you to know this too.

You are special, you are loved, you are protected, you are divinely guided. 

You deserve a life of SOUL SUCCESS – “SOUL SUCCESS is a professional success that is clearly connected to your very core and lights you up just thinking about how you’ll be spending the rest of your days. It’s a success that provides a ripple effect! It’s a success that provides you with the freedom to live life on your terms!” Dr. Tilean

And this starts with knowing your WHY – really knowing your why! Then connect with it daily and keep going.

You got this!

Good vibes always,
Dr. Tilean xoxo

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