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Last night I was journaling about navigating through difficult/unwanted situations.

Yesterday, I was presented with some personal news that I just wanted to run away from, but there was no getting away from it and actually what I know for sure is I’m never presented with more than I can handle. So, I trust, act and move forward.

Then this morning, I was pondering on how this can and does happen on the road of entrepreneurship.

As you’ll know from your own experience – the journey of entrepreneurship isn’t always easy and sometimes it doesn’t always go the way you anticipated. Sometimes you may have to pivot, or course correct. Sometimes you may have to try again. Sometimes you may have to jump yet again.

It feels crazy sometimes right!?!?
And it’s not that easy sometimes either huh?

I bet, there’s even been points on your journey where you’ve thought “oh I‘m so done with this!”

But what I know for sure is you’re not someone to give up.

You’ve got a mission and a strong reason why you want to progress with your business venture and so you navigate through the difficult times and keep working on it because…


BUT… easier said than done for most!

Running towards challenging situations is not easy and that’s because our brains are naturally wired for us to survive (not to thrive). Our brains try to keep us in a place of safety which it determines as your comfort zone and that’s why very few entrepreneurs thrive, because they fail to learn the tools to train their brain to thrive.

They under estimate how important it is master the inner game and commit to that long-term and that’s why very few make it to the top and thrive in all areas of their life.

Ponder on this for a moment (I heard it on the Lewis Howes podcast)… “Every Olympian want to win a gold medal, if the winners and the losers want the same thing the goal cannot be the thing that distinguishes the two”

So, what is it?

Mindset Mastery!

That’s why it’s important to train your brain to thrive. This way you can navigate more effectively through the challenges presented to you on your journey of entrepreneurship and it will make it much easier to obtain results. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard to focus and you’ll struggle to keep the momentum.

Mastering the inner game is sooooooo important as a business owner, it’s what’s going to take you to that next level.

What causes a lot of businesses to fail in their first 3 years is that get caught up in the business planning and steps towards the goal AND slack when it comes to mindset mastery.

Mindset mastery and business planning are both important when it comes to a developing and maintaining a successful business and it’s exactly what’s going to help you reach the next level on your journey.

Continue to work on your inner game, raise your beliefs and become unstoppable!

Good vibes always,
Dr. Tilean xoxo

PS: Remind yourself… you’re courageous, strong and determined. You got this!

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