A POWER HOUR with Dr. Tilean is a one-off, one-hour one-to-one session with leading Chartered Psychologist and Behaviour Change Expert for Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Leaders and other high-achieving professionals!

It’s for the high-achieving go-getter who is ready to bust through to that next level of success. Is that you?

  • Are you ready to experience a BREAKTHROUGH in your life (either personally or professionally)?
  • Do you have a start-stop momentum with getting shit done that is negatively affecting your results?
  • Is fear, anxiety, perfectionism and/or procrastination holding you back?
  • Are you experiencing resistance with elevating your life vision?
  • Are you done with NOT seeing the results (impact and/or income) you want to achieve?
  • If the answer is YES to any of those questions AND you’re READY to work through what's REALLY holding you back, then it might be time for you to invest in A POWER HOUR with Dr. Tilean!

    "I’ll work with you to kick-down your mindset blocks (the one’s which are not always that easy to spot) and provide you with an immediate strategy so you get BIGGER results in your life NOW." Dr. Tilean

    A little love from some of my clients...


    “I had A POWER HOUR with Dr. Tilean, and I walked away with about 5+ breakthroughs! My focus was on people-pleasing in my business, and I know the root of it stems from childhood, always being the 'calm peacemaker' between my two sisters. Dr. Tilean helped me identify a number of ways to explore and transform the situation from reducing people pleasing and really serving my clients.”

    Tracey Livingston, Transformational Coach and Energy Worker

    “It was a pleasure to work with Dr Tilean. After just a single POWER HOUR with Dr Tilean I came up with a plan to move past my limiting beliefs, confidence in my abilities to work with clients, and a firm belief in the power of my message. I immediately got that boost I needed to move forward with my income goals for this year. Thank you Dr. Tilean!”

    Jen Holmes, Business Owner of Curiously You


    “In one POWER HOUR with Dr. Tilean, she shone the light on my two biggest success blocks. She has the ability to ask deep, pointed questions that get exactly to the point of the matter and reveal your biggest blocks to you. She shows you the work that needs to be done better than any mindset coach I’ve laid eyes and ears on. This makes her in my opinion invaluable as a business resource and person in the world.”

    Amanda Neill, Creator of Birth of Venus Coaching + Modern Day Venus

    How does it work?

    I love hosting POWER HOURS as they allow for immediate expansion and growth! They're also an excellent way for you to experience my approach and create serious momentum.

    For you to get MAXIMUM benefit out of A POWER HOUR, come to your session with ONE specific area of your life that you're ready to have a breakthrough with (for example it might be one of the following areas: career, studies, money and finance, health and fitness, fun and play, growth and learning, relationships and spirituality).

    Once your POWER HOUR is scheduled in, you'll be sent a pre-session assessment form that you'll be required to complete at least 24 hours before we connect. Dr. Tilean will review your confidential pre-session assessment and then dial you at the time of your call. By the end of the call you’ll be equipped with exactly what you need to do next to rise to that next level and be held accountable to taking massive action! 7-days afterwards you'll get in touch with Dr. Tilean and share exactly what you've been able to achieve.

    All you need to make the most of a POWER HOUR is to be yourself and just bring a notepad/pen to the call.


    The investment

    The investment is £500 and you're super in-depth POWER HOUR will provide you with...

  • Access to a one-on-one call with Dr. Tilean, leading Chartered and Registered Psychologist, who works specifically with Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Leaders and other high-achieving professions.
  • A clear strategy of what you can implement NOW, empowering you to take massive action and catapult you forward to your next level of success.
  • A pre session self-assessment reviewed by Dr. Tilean to ensure you're supported to have big breakthroughs and create momentum.
  • Connect with Dr. Tilean 7 days following your POWER HOUR. This will help hold you accountable to massive action.
  • The chance to speak and be heard AND receive in-depth professional support so you can relieve your worries and elevate your life.

  • Please note: There's only a very limited number of spaces available each month.

    Are you ready to experience a breakthrough?

    Then send a note directly to the Dr. Tilean team stating 'I'm READY for a Power Hour' and we'll get you all signed up.

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