Hosted by Dr. Tilean on Tuesday 30th July 2019, 10am – 4pm
Crown Plaza London, Bridges Wharf, London SW11 3BE

This one-day business and life accelerator event is for go-getters (entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders).
It’s where you’ll explore the 3-pillars of mindset mastery, break through the mental chains keeping you stuck and leave with a 4-week action plan to SKYROCKET your success.
Will you be at the next one!?!

It’s time to learn the tools to stop repeating the same mindset patterns that are holding you back, because if you’re honest YOUR MIND IS YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE!

It’s where you’ll draw the line on behaviours you’ve been trying to crack for months (or even years), and develop an action plan that elevates your business and life now.

Expect to…
• UNCOVER YOUR BIGGEST MINDSET BLOCK holding you back and learn how to move past it!

• Leave even more motivated, ENERGISED and EMPOWERED to UPLIFT YOUR LIFE on every level (career, love, fitness, play, wealth and much more)!

• DEVELOP AN ALIGNED ACTION PLAN THAT WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE (professionally and personally) over the next FOUR WEEKS!

• Surround yourself with other people who are COMMITTED to transforming their mind and elevating their life.

• Meet like-minded go-getters from all different industries!

• NETWORK and build relationships that will last a lifetime and support you powerfully.

Plus, Dr. Tilean will be joined by incredible guest experts!

Selina & Vicki, Founders of Project Love

Project Love are on a mission to inspire and empower you to create a life and relationship you love. They do this through their podcast show (which has reached over 150,000 listens) and their practical products that are designed to help you bring about the changes you want to make in your life (from finding love to changing career).

Their online platform ‘Get Ready for Love’ has helped many people all over the world to transform their love lives and has enjoyed rave reviews in Psychologies, Grazia, Glamour and Red magazine. Plus, their must have end-of-year journal ‘Goodbye, Hello’ last year was enjoyed in over 32 countries and is currently available in Oliver Bonas stores all over the UK.

Project Love has been featured in Metro, Grazia, Huffington Post, Glamour, The Independent, Marie Claire, Stylist, Red and Psychologies magazine and we’ve worked with brands such as Airbnb, Paperchase, Frame, Soho House, Sonos and as part of their mission to bring more love into the world.

And 100% of previous attendees from ALL past events said the Mindset Mastery Live Event massively helped them in their life!
So… will you be at the next one?

“Never underestimate how much your mindset holds you back in fulfilling your dreams, desires, goals and purpose in life. Dr. Tilean really provides an interesting and thought provoking event that will leave you feeling uplifted and fired up to go do you!”
Jas Bajwa, Yoga Teacher

Do it! You’ll be happy you did. It’s a gift to yourself, both now and in 10 years! Trust me. Thank you Dr. Tilean”
Desta Haile, Founder of Language Through Music

“Just come! If you want to do or be better, just come!
Natalie Maddix, Founder and Creative Director of House Gospel Choir

“Definitely attend! You won’t regret it!
James Aidoo, Community Minister

“Attending the Dr. Tilean Live Event has really opened my eyes to some areas I’ve been suppressing which I really needed to address! Really thankful for this opportunity. If you’re thinking about attending the next one, just do it!”
Naomi Aidoo, Business Coach and Founder of Living Word League

“Go! You never know what might come up and that is the beauty. Invest in yourself and be open minded to other minds and teachings.”
Jade Swaby, L3 Personal Trainer, Psycle Instructor & Brand Designer

You will come away feeling so empowered, inspired and with a much deeper understanding of how the mind works and serves up.”
Alexandra Prince, Writer, Mindset Coach and Founder of Show Me

The investment

A ticket to the Dr. Tilean Live Event is an investment of £150 and includes:

  • Access to the full live event 10am-4pm.
  • A beautiful lunch and refreshments.
  • Your personal FOUR WEEK action plan Dr. Tilean resource (hard-copy to keep).
  • Powerful in-person vibrations and fun networking.
  • This event is about amplifying our life and business from the inside out, for soulful, sustainable success. You ready?

    The Dr. Tilean Roadshow was amazing! I left behind something I struggled with for a long time!”
    Alice Mbewe, Faith Based Life Coach

    Dr. Tilean really helped me to gain focus on what I really needed to change. She has provided me with some tools to go ahead and start being the person I can be and deserve to be.”
    Victoria Hanson, Photographer

    “There is power in numbers. Not only is Dr. Tilean an incredible leader but she also attracts other powerful forces and influencers. That dynamic, mixed with your dreams is ground breaking. I left feeling inspired and empowered. I’m so glad I allowed myself to be in that room!””
    Lydia Killion-Irving, Mindset Coach

    The Dr. Tilean Roadshow was an eye opener and shone a light on where I still had blocks.”

    “I felt inspired! The content was valuable and it was fantastic to speak with everyone.”

    “It was exactly what I needed to be ready to jump out of my comfort zone and be present doing the right actions, so I create momentum!”

    You will get clarity and know what actions to take!

    “Get yourself to the Dr. Tilean Roadshow. She has great energy and provides an environment and group of people that will reaffirm that you came to the right place!”

    I can’t wait to meet you! Here’s a bit about me…

    1) I’m a Chartered and Registered Psychologist and Behaviour Change Expert and work specifically with Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Leaders. Plus, with over 10 years experience and umpteen years of professionally accredited training(nine years to be specific) on positive psychology, mindset and behaviour change I’ll support you to delve deep and make mindset shifts that will empower you to FLY to higher heights!

    2) I’m a plain-talking South Londoner
    I’m just a regular girl from South London (UK) who keeps it real and it 100% authentic! I’ll share with you strategies that are tried and tested, and get you RESULTS! If you’re looking for clear steps on how to ELEVATE your mindset for success in your WHOLE life, then I’m your girl!

    3) I’m a connector and I genuinely care
    I’m super passionate about supporting change-markers to have powerful shifts that elevate their lives! Plus, I’m blessed with the powerful and magical ability of bringing together go-getters from all different industries who have a collective mission to make a difference in the world!

    4) I value you, your time and your investment
    I’ve poured my heart and soul into the development of these Roadshows. Plus, I always ensure I stay in balance and bring my full amount of energy to every event, so you can walk away with exactly what you need for your next level of success.

    5) I’m fun and my high-vibe, go-getting energy is contagious