Talent alone is not enough!

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I recently delivered a mindset mastery session for @schoolgroundsounds for their Grit School – a crash course on the music industry for young people and one of the messages I shared with them is… TALENT ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH!

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You see so many talented creatives and aspiring/new entrepreneurs get it twisted believing that their talent/skill is the main factor in what it will take to achieve SOUL SUCCESS but that’s wrong. “SOUL SUCCESS is a professional success that is clearly connected to your very core and lights you up just thinking about how you’ll be spending the rest of your days. It’s a success that provides a ripple effect! It’s a success that provides you with the freedom to live life on your terms!” Dr. Tilean

You see you talent/skill accounts for only 20% of your results. The rest comes from mindset mastery!

That’s how you’ll move forward in spite of fear. That’s how you’ll keep going when the going gets tough. 
That’s how you’ll develop the confidence, conviction and determination to be visible and put your best work out there AND get paid for it. 
That’s how you’ll elevate continuously and in all areas of your life. Remember that!

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