The urgency is within YOU…

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There’s nothing like your own personal countdown to get you moving.

Earlier this week, I was thinking about this.

You see, when you’re pregnant and entering your 3rd trimester, at some point the urgency WITHIN YOU will create an innate desire to start nesting and preparing for the arrival of your baby.

When you’re in a job that feels out of alignment and it’s no longer fulfilling you, eventually you’ll get an innate desire that things have got to change and you’ll look for a new job or you’ll take serious action to run your own business.

When you’re feeling super tired, burnt out and exhausted eventually you’ll get an innate feeling that will strike and urge you to stop, slow down and nourish yourself.

And there’s so many other examples, but the point I’m making is if you listen to your mind, body and soul, the urgency is ALWAYS within you.

The signs of your next steps are always spoken to you.

It’s only your mind that tries to put off or delay or deny what you really know is for you right now.

Make sense?!?

I was thinking of this earlier this week.

You see, in terms of exercise I’ve not worked out the way I used to in one whole year. I was on bed rest for a large part of my pregnancy and then I gave my body some time to recover from the birth, but when I tried to restart it’s been hard and I kept dabbling with my commitment to exercise even though I know how great it is for me and I need it.

Until one day I asked myself to review the urgency within me. When is enough enough. When will I decide to re-commit and most importantly when will I decide to take CONSISTENT action.

The answer I knew was TODAY!

I could no longer put off what I know my body needs.
I could no longer put off what my mind needs.
I could no longer put off what my soul needs.

So I made plans.

I arranged to go to yoga classes with @moreyoga.
I exercised with @niketrainging App while Jabari slept.
I signed up to ride with @jadeswaby @psycle🙌🏾.

You see I could keep delaying really getting back into my fitness (what I once adored) because I’m scared, because I’m not as fit as I used to be, because I’m more tired now as I run a business and am a mum. Or I could suck it up and take action!!! You see you don’t need to like it, but you must commit.

It doesn’t have to feel good. In fact, most of the time when reaching outside your comfortable zone it won’t feel incredible. You’ll experience some discomfort, but you must face it and stop putting off what you know deep down you really need.

Where in your life do you need to suck it up and take action?!?

Where in your life do you need to stop using time, energy, money, resources or I can do it alone as delay tactics?

Really address that and then take a decision to commit and take action.

The urgency must be within you.

The days are passing.

Today you’ll be one day older than yesterday.

You don’t need to go alone! In fact it’s a strength to seek support.

How long will you keep saying to yourself not yet?

How long will you keep figuring it out alone?

How long will you allow your own mindset BS to stand in your way?

Remember to see the urgency WITHIN YOU and take the actions that might feel scary but ultimately feel RIGHT!

You got this!

Dr. Tilean xoxo

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