Tips for climbing the mountain

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Sometimes do you feel like your life feels like a BIG mountain you’re climbing!?!


I’ve felt like that before! Only a few years ago I felt like I was at the bottom of a massive mountain and I didn’t know where to start in order to climb it! And sometimes I’d really want to start but I felt like I was not strong enough or that the circumstances weren’t right to start the climb… but I was wrong!


Are you climbing or about to climb a mountain right now?


Do you feel like life is tough for you right now… A MOUNTAIN?


Or that maybe, you don’t know what to do to really elevate your success in some area of your life… A MOUNTAIN?


Maybe you feel like you’re betraying yourself and your dreams… A MOUNTAIN?


Or maybe you feel like you don’t have enough time, energy or resource to execute what you know you need to do for your soul… A MOUNTAIN?


When you have thoughts like those it’s only your mind trying to hold you back from GETTING UP THAT MOUNTAIN. It’s your inner critic offering you useless advice!


I remember my inner critic wanted me to believe that situations and circumstances needed to be perfect in order to climb the mountain and that I was not enough – she was wrong! When I made a start to climb the mountain by surrounding myself with the right people, I climbed, and I climbed FAST!


THAT’S WHY I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT… the community I created on Facebook ‘Mindset Mastery for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs’.


Right now in life you may have a mountain to climb and I want you to know YOU CAN climb it.


Start climbing and ask for help if you need to, because a helping hand is strength NOT weakness!


The Facebook Group is a safe space for you to reach out on those days where you need some support or for you to use to hold yourself accountable to you climbing your mountain!


Remember, you don’t need to climb the mountain alone. In fact, it makes it much easier to have help on the way!


Good vibes always,


Dr. Tilean xoxo

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