Wow what a year…

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Wow what a year! This time last year I was in Jamaica sitting on the balcony of a 5* resort reflecting on 2017 from my beautiful single supplement room overlooking the beach in Montego Bay. I wasn’t in a relationship and I sure wasn’t a mummy to be, but I was so happy with life, and proud of all I’d had accomplished that year – it had been mind-blowing once again!

A year on, I continue to feel happy, accomplished and proud of where I am today. I wake up this morning in my beautiful home that I share with my partner near the river in London, to the feeling of gentle movements in my tummy from our unborn child and I’m about to finish the final details of my brand-new course coming out next week, which cover the psychology of money, an increasingly requested programme that I’ve never yet had the time to create and release until now. 

But what happens each year that enables me to reflect in December and be proud of the growth I’ve experienced and blown away by how much progress I’ve made? Basically, it’s all about choice, focus, specificity, reflection and making time to declare what I know is possible. 

So, like with previous years, as I entered into 2018, as usual I declared what I was ready for and God responded quickly 🙏🏾.

I got specific and wrote down everything I wanted to be possible, in both my personal life and my business, everything I knew I was READY for, and it has been another epic year!

Obviously, it was more than just writing it down, but the act of declaring what you’re ready for is powerful! You see, mindset mastery is the biggest catalyst that enables me and my clients to make massive waves in our lives, no matter what the circumstances. It’s what allows us to attract love, have a soul-aligned business, live life on our terms, and increase our wealth, even in the midst of uncertainty. 

So, even though this year I’ve been in and out of hospital more times than I would have ever liked to imagine, have moved home, become pregnant, been on bed rest, have had to cancel international travel due to doctors order, plus experienced other difficulties, I’ve continued to thrive and it’s all been about focus.

YOU GET TO CHOOSE HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE AND THE DIRECTION IT”S HEADING! You actually get to choose how to feel in any given moment!

Are you focused on a life full of possibilities even during troubled times, or are you focused on the shit! Review that! 

This year, despite the challenges, one after another, I’ve chosen to focus on the beauty and blessings of life. I’ve chosen to drive forward. I’ve chosen to continue to create and elevate. It’s meant that in business I’ve continued to worked with incredible clients from start up entrepreneurs to businesses with thousands of employees supporting them to thrive, I’ve spoken at more events than I imagined, I’m featured in some of the most popular magazines, I’ve spoken on some incredible podcasts, I’ve made new like-minded friends, I’ve hosted events, I’ve created new programmes, plus so much more has happened. And personally, I’ve moved to a beautiful home, I have the most incredible partner, I’m carrying our beautiful child, and that’s just a snippet.

But, it’s not all been rosey in 2018. There’s been challenges, but I’ve grown so much in the midst of it and that’s because where I choose to put my focus. I want to encourage you to grow in the midst of your challenges too. Review where you put your focus.

How have you grown in 2018? What’s next for you? 

Keep rising and keep shining! 

You got this! 

Good vibes always,

Dr. Tilean xoxo

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