I’m Dr. Tilean Gordon, Chartered Psychologist and Business Mentor for Practitioners, Creatives and Entrepreneurs.

You’ve WORKED HARD to obtain the level of success you’ve acquired, but now you’re ready to reach even higher levels of professional and personal fulfilment. Am I right?

You're ready to pivot the way you work so you hustle less, earn more and make a bigger impact. Correct?

... If yes, then I'm here for YOU!

Be READY to completely transform your relationship with yourself and build your business in a way that is 100% aligned with the vision you hold for your life!

"Working with Dr. Tilean was the best business decision I ever made. I am so much more confident and have transformed my life in a way that I never thought I could. Dr. Tilean helped see what was possible for me. She helped me dig deep and uncover some gruesome beliefs that I never even knew I had, and lead me to changing those beliefs and creating the business I previously only dreamed of!"

Idil Hassan, Psychologist - Behaviour Change Specialist


We hired Dr. Tilean because we were starting to feel that something was missing in the way of us taking our business and life to the next level. We felt blocked and we knew those blocks came from within. Once we started the programme, we saw an immediate increase in our business revenue within the week of the first session! It honestly was amazing. But it’s the deeper inner changes that feel the most powerful and long lasting. Our vision for the business and our lives, both in terms of where we can take it and what will get us there keeps getting clearer and clearer and feels more and more achievable every step of the way. Dr T is flipping magic!”

Vicki Pavitt and Selina Barker, Founders of Project Love

"After just 1 month, I’ve been blown away by the changes that have happened in my life! I’ve made huge shifts in the way I think and behave, which has been transformational for my business and my life. Dr. Tilean helped me smash through barriers and show up and do my work even more powerfully than before! Financially, I’ve had a complete ROI and more! And more importantly, I experienced massive shifts in my business and life that previously I could only imagine! My husband has even noticed the positive changes in me and is thankful I’m doing this work. This is 100% THE MOST transformational coaching experience I’ve had to date!"

Naomi Aidoo, Founder of Time and Pace


“It was a pleasure to work with Dr Tilean. After just a single session I came up with a plan to move past my limiting beliefs, confidence in my abilities to work with clients, and a firm belief in the power of my message. I immediately got that boost I needed to move forward with my income goals for this year. Thank you Dr. Tilean!”

Jen Holmes, Business Owner of Curiously You

Dr. Tilean has taught me how to stay on track with myself first and the successful business flows from there. She helped me to develop better systems for running the day to day business and great techniques that help me to plan ahead. As a result of all this I am pleased to say that my personal life is going so much better. I have more time to spend with friends and loved ones than I did in the preceding four years. In the past I was always nervous to go away because the business relied so heavily on me to do EVERYTHING! This year I have not one, but TWO holidays!!! And that’s not all, my business revenue has doubled due to new partnerships and deals I was able to forge because Dr. Tilean helped me to find the courage to ask for more and negotiate for exactly what I want. This programme was truly life changing!”

Natalie Maddix, Founder, House Gospel Choir and Rep Vocal Agency


The experience with Dr. Tilean helped me so much...
* I shifted from not often eating healthy to eating quite healthy and having a good balanced diet. I also joined the gym!
* I went from not spending time with friends because I didn't feel up to it, to making time for friends.
* I went from not speaking to family members much on the phone, to joyfully speaking to my family at least once a week.
* I went from having no romantic relationship to NOW believing it's coming soon.
* I went from not always doing journaling to journaling daily.
* I shifted from being not so consistent working on my business to being consistent, and confidently regularly marketing to my audience on social media.
* I set up important behind the scenes business systems I required, but previously I had not done.
* I went from not having a paying client or ever having a sales call to having 16 sales calls in just one month, without even having my website in place!
* I created my new programme HEART 2 HEART and signed my first client into it!
* I was interview for a magazine about my business!
* I decided and started writing my book.
* I finally submitted my PhD Degree and am preparing for my Viva exam.
* And I left behind judgements that I’m not good enough!

Alice Mbewe, Faith Based Life Coach

"The coaching was great! It allowed me to go deeper into every aspect of my life (money, business, relationship, self love…) and create change. It gave me the tools I needed to elevate my success."

Claire Videau, Podcast Host


“I have really enjoyed my coaching with Dr. Tilean. I feel my business and I have grown in many ways, from confidence to organisation. She has helped me see and open doors I hadn’t noticed, and created a clear and positive structure to help me get to where I would like to be!”

Desta Haile, Business Owner of Languages Through Music

"Dr. Tilean's approach is real, no fakeness nor pretence, true, passionate, engaging, honest, energetic, motivating and genuine."

Jas Bajwa, Yoga Practitioner


“Dr Tilean's coaching was an unbelievable discovery for me. Her approach helps you to understand and overcome a lot of the mental blocks that keep a lot of people stuck from creating their dream life. I found this empowering and it helped me to think a little differently and realise that I have all the control over how I want to shape my life now and my future. Dr. Tilean encourages you to think BIG and I had massive shifts in my life because of that. It has been an absolute honour and a pleasure to work with Dr Tilean.”

Kamaria Fleary, Personal Growth Practitioner

"You know when you take the first right step that turns everything on! That was me making the decision to do coaching with Dr. Tilean. It has been an amazing experience. She believed in me and my business, and for the first time, I could see it actually working too. I had been stuck in a draining job working all hours after attempting and failing to start my business 3x before.

Fast forward today, I am working full-time on my business, have travelled a lot and am attracting well-paying clients. If you're like me and have tried everything that hasn't worked... Dr. Tilean will sort it. She is super generous, leads by example and her infectious high energy meant that I kept my energy levels up too.

Linda Boakye, Career & Mindset Coach