Hi Beautiful,
I bet you’ve got fire in your belly and you developed a soul-inspired business from your kitchen table, right?

Well, I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’re anything like me, you’re fun, energetic, have multiple interests and a strong passion for life! Your life has been filled with some difficult moments, that made you think ‘Why me?’, but that has fueled you with that determination to rise!

And your friends tell you that you were born to inspire, educate, help others and make an impact! So that is exactly what you’re doing! You’ve built (or building) an online business that combines your passion for helping others with a FAB profit, so you can give back and fill your life with incredible memories!

Now is the time to step it up!

It’s time to be unapologetically you and elevate your personal brand to a level that allows you to do everything you love and desire. It’s time for your business to make even greater impact and provide you with the lifestyle you desire!

It’s time to walk down even further down your path towards Soul Success. You see, Soul Success is a business success that is so clear it is connected to your very core and lights you up just thinking about how you should be spending the rest of your days.

It’s a success that enables you to keep balanced and revitalised so you can make a big impact on this world. It’s a success that provides you with the freedom to live life on your terms!

Dr. Tilean

I decided to take charge of my life…

I’m Tilean, a high energy girl who has always loved helping others, has a strong passion for life and who follows her heart wholeheartedly! Raised for the most part on a South London council estate (a bit like the projects), I was determined to not allow that to be a deterrent to developing a life where I’d thrive!

Through hard work and determination, I became the women with umpteen degrees (yup I’ve got multiple degrees up to doctorate level in Psychology). Eventually, I discovered my God-given purpose was to empower women to thrive as they live life fully on their own terms. So that’s what I do, I show women how to reach an even greater level of success than that in their dreams!

As a Chartered Psychologist turned Business Strategist and Coach, I help catapult entrepreneurial women like you to a place that feels “Wow!” by equipping you with an unshakable success mindset and strategy!

I love showing women how to elevate themselves and their soul-inspired business, because I know you designed your business to change A LOT of lives! For you, it’s more than the money; it’s about making an incredible impact, as well as taking your life and biz to the amazing heights you want them to be!

And you totally can do it! All you need is a go-getting, change-making, soul-shaking spirit, a marketing strategy that builds on YOUR strengths and a rock-solid mindset and attitude.

Want to see your business FLY to the next level? Then step fully into your strength right now, because you DESERVE to be succeeding consistently in your life and business!

And… you don’t need a BSc, MSc or PhD to do it. All you need is the courage to continue to elevate yourself. But if you do (like me) have any letters after your name – good on you! Letters after your name is not essential to work with me, but being fun, energetic and having a passion for life is!

Dr. Tilean

“Tilean’s coaching has made me even more fearless than before. I have had so many people reach out to me showing interest in my brand – celebrities too and I have been asked to be an ambassadors for other people’s brands and projects. It shows that so much can be achieved in a small space of time if you just focus on building what matters, but also building your mental resilience so you can truly be free from distractions and nonsense that detract from your path.”
Kamaria Fleary, 26, Personal Growth Practitioner, London, UK